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The Erlang Cookbook's primary aim is to document short "recipes", using Erlang, that solve common programming problems. Parts of the Cookbook are specific to OTP Erlang but we aim to provide portable solutions when possible. For a more in depth intro to the Erlang Cookbook, visit the Erlang Cookbook Intro page.

A secondary aim of the Cookbook is to further the adoption of Erlang. To that end we want to allow the possibility of a publishable book. The Copyright statement for this book is the most important consideration for publication. It is designed to allow free access to the content of the Cookbook while protecting the investment a publisher may make in a compilation of material from the Cookbook. If you are going to contribute to the Cookbook you must agree to the Copyright statement.

The Cookbook is a collaborative document and contributions are actively sought from all users of Erlang. If you want to submit an article, please read the instructions on how to contribute in the Erlang Cookbook Author Guide page.


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