WombatOAM – The best OAM tool your Erlang systems can get

By Erlang Central | Published: July 16, 2014

WombatOAM is an operations and maintenance tool for Erlang based systems. It is designed to help developers and operators administer and monitor clusters of Erlang nodes in heterogeneous public and private clouds.

Regardless of whether your company is using a proprietary system or Erlang based open source tools, and needs more visibility and a provision to integrate with your existing OAM infrastructure, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference WombatOAM can bring to your organisation.

Erlang Solutions invites you to join Francesco Cesarini (Founder & Technical Director, Erlang Solutions) and Csaba Hoch (WombatOAM Developer & Expert, Erlang Solutions) to explore what WombatOAM provides and how it can help in monitoring your system.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How to connect to your Erlang nodes from WombatOAM — either to one node or multiple nodes
Which built-in metrics are collected by WombatOAM and how you can add custom metrics
How to visualise historic and live metrics: superimposing and stacking them on WombatOAM’s web dashboard or viewing them in other tools such as Graphite, Nagios and Zabbix etc.
Which alarms and notifications are collected from the nodes in order to detect anomalies in the managed Erlang system, and how to manage these alarms and notifications
How WombatOAM’s alarm handler integrates with elarm, the SASL alarm handler, and lets you develop your custom alarms

We will conclude with our vision for heterogeneous cloud orchestration, our rules engine and trigger based system, as well as planned scalability challenges, all planned in our roadmap.

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