Webinar: How Erlang took Virtual Hold Technology to Call Centre heaven

By Erlang Central | Published: June 22, 2015

‘Your call is important to us, please hold…’ What does Erlang have to do with the most hated words in the world?

Join the webinar to find out how Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) embraced Erlang development and implementation in the contact center technology industry. Brian Ward Principal Software Developer from VHT will share the unique opportunities and challenges of leveraging Erlang’s nature to provide fault tolerance and client multi-tenancy across a cluster of servers and the ability to provide a primary/secondary failover configuration allowing for seamless transition of phone calls in the event of a hardware failure.

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) invented and patented the call back – computer telephony integration to reduce call center operation expense by virtualizing customer hold-time. The company began twenty years ago and has grown to just over one hundred employees, with thirty software developers. In 2013, Erlang was recognized as a promising fit and since then together with Erlang Solutions VHT realize the promises of the Erlang/OTP.

Brian Ward, Principal Software Developer
Virtual Hold technology

Brian has been developing software professionally for over twenty-two years. He has worked with Unix (and unix-like) operating systems as well as the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows platform(s), and primarily with languages like C, C++ and Java. At Virtual Hold Technology he actively mentors younger developers in the ways of Agile Software Development and, of course, Erlang.

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