Using QuickCheck for testing C code

By Erlang Central | Published: June 22, 2009

The Quviq testing tool QuickCheck provides an excellent platform for testing
Erlang programs, but so far, applying it to programs written in other
such as C has been cumbersome. In this talk I will show a brand new library
from Quviq which allows C functions to be called from Erlang as if they were
Erlang functions. This makes testing C code with QuickCheck just as easy as
testing Erlang code.

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  • Ulf Norell

    QuviQ AB

    Ulf Norell got his PhD in computer science in 2007 and is now a post doc at Chalmers University of Technology where he is developing dependently typed functional programming languages and teaching a master's level course on advanced functional programming. Since 2008 he has been working for Quviq AB, helping to bring the QuickCheck testing tool to Erlang developers.

    Ulf Norell

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