Using Erlang’s Location Transparency For Devops Work

By Erlang Central | Published: March 26, 2012

The cloud, and especially Amazon, has raised the bar for systems administration and large-scale systems architecture. In this talk I will go through how we have used Erlang’s location transparency features to manage clusters of machines on using EC2 and rightscale.

Talk objectives: Communicate how to manage machines with Erlang on Amazon.

Talk audience: Anyone interested in cloud computing, devops, or location transparency.

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  • Noah Gift

    Co-author of "Python For Unix and Linux System Administration"

    Noah Gift is the Director of Engineering at Loggly, which is a SaaS logging company built on Amazon EC2 and open source technologies like Python, Erlang, and Solr. He has M.S. in Computer Information Systems, and is an MBA candidate at UC Davis.

    In his not so distant past, he worked with a variety of different languages and industries throughout the United States and the world. He has done Erlang development at AT&T Interactive, Python development on the movie Avatar in New Zealand for Weta Digital, and Cocoa development for his own startup that sells through the Mac App store.

    Noah is the author of “Python for Unix and Linux Systems Administration” by O’Reilly, dozens of technical articles, and has done public speaking at many events around the United States and the world.

    Noah Gift
  • Michael Bakkemo

    Principle Data Scientist @ Loggly

    Michael Bakkemo is the principle data scientist at Loggly,  an SaaS logging company built on Amazon EC2. He has a M.S. in mathematics from the University of Washington.

    He is a functional programming advocate, and his two favorites are Erlang and Haskell. 

    Michael Bakkemo

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