The Erlang/OTP Roadmap

By Erlang Central | Published: March 26, 2012

Patrik gives an update of the Erlang/OTP team’s work at Ericsson – their current projects and plans for future.
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  • Patrik Nyblom

    Erlang VM developer and OTP team member
    Ericsson AB

    Patrik Nyblom has worked in the Ericsson OTP project developing the beam 
virtual machine and Erlang core libraries for nearly fifteen years and is 
the current team leader of the OTP virtual machine team.

    His work includes, but is not limited to: Large parts of the ETS 
implementation, the re module, unicode support, parts of the SMP support 
and various ports to different operating systems.
    Patrik also lectures from time to time at Stockholm University, mainly 
regarding parallel programming and multi-core support.

    Patrik Nyblom

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