Testing Wrangler with QuickCheck

By Erlang Central | Published: June 22, 2009

Refactoring tools ought to allow program developers to quickly and
safely refactor their programs, especially large programs. However, a
robust and safe refactoring tool is hard to develop, and most
refactoring tools still contain bugs even after extensive testing.

While unit testing does help to find bugs to refactoring tools, it is
tedious to manually write test programs, and the coverage of the test
cases is hard to guarantee because of all the possible programs you can
potentially refactor, and it is even harder to test refactoring tools on
large systems.

In this talk, we present the technique of using Quviq QuickCheck to

automate the testing of Wrangler, the Erlang refactoring tool developed
by University of Kent, and summarise our experience so far.

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  • Huiqing Li

    Inventor of Wrangler
    University of Kent

    Huiqing Li got her PhD at Kent University in September 2006 and works as a post doc in the EU project ProTest to further develop the refactoring tool Wrangler.

    Huiqing Li

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