Taking Iceland by storm: How Erlang had nothing to do with the collapse

By Erlang Central | Published: July 28, 2012

It’s 2008 and Ómar’s writing C# for a multinational bank. A few months later it goes bust. 
This talk is not about that.
It’s about how Kóði went from knowing no Erlang to running a large market data production system in it and even hosting those systems within large financial organizations and why they are building even more systems in the language and why.
Ómar’ll touch on what they’ve learned, how they’ve screwed things up, but how, today, their Erlang solutions play an ever increasing role in many of Iceland’s leading banks.
Talk objectives: Explain pitfalls we fell into and what we learned from it and how we tackled the problem of deploying Erlang within organizations that require a lot of hand holding.
Target audience: Developers and people thinking about deploying Erlang within IT environments they do not control.
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  • Ómar Kjartan Yasin

    Coder, worker. Erlang, JS and Python are his cup of tea.
    Kóði ehf

    Ómar's been doing financial applications for way too many years both at startups and large banks.
    Worked on the Icesave when working for Landsbanki Luxembourg, developed a banking concept for a Dutch startup and currently a developer at Kóði ehf developing market data and trading applications.

    Ómar Kjartan Yasin

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