Riak’s distributed storage architecture

By Erlang Central | Published: June 7, 2010

Riak is a fault-tolerant distributed database that is designed to be very friendly to both developers and operations.  Justin will provide a survey of Riak’s internals, showing the audience a number of the tools and techniques that helped to make it so robust, scalable, and extensible.

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  • Justin Sheehy

    CTO of Basho Technologies and Riak commiter
    Basho Technologies

    Justin Sheehy is the CTO of Basho Technologies, the company behind the creation of Webmachine and Riak. Most recently before Basho, he was a principal scientist at the MITRE Corporation and a senior architect for systems infrastructure at Akamai. At both of those companies he focused on multiple aspects of robust distributed systems, including scheduling algorithms, language-based formal models, and resilience.

    Justin Sheehy

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