Property-Based Testing of Sensor Networks by Andreas Löscher

By Erlang Central | Published: September 27, 2016

Slides and more info:

This talk advocates the use of property-based testing in the area of sensor networks and presents a framework to apply this testing methodology. I will present a framework based on PropEr and Nifty that provides an expressive high-level language to specify a wide range of properties, starting from properties of individual functions to network-global properties, and infrastructure to automatically test these properties in Cooja, the network simulator of the Contiki operating system. I will show how we use this framework in practice on two case studies. In the first, we test whether the energy consumption of the radio duty-cycle protocol X-MAC is within some specific bound. In the second case study, we test the C API of CONTIKI’s TCP socket library and find bugs in its event system that would be very hard to detect with other methods.

Talk objectives:

This talk aims to demonstrate how property-based testing can be used to test sensor networks.

Target audience:

– testers and developers