Presenting RabbitMQ: An Erlang Based Implementation of AMQP

By Erlang Central | Published: June 23, 2008

Matthias and Tony will be presenting on RabbitMQ, an Erlang implementation of AMQP,
the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging. Erlang
is well known delivering a highly scalable and stable environment for
applications that involve messaging. When JP Morgan Chase and others
introduced AMQP, a new standard l4 protocol for busisness messaging and
integration, Erlang seemed an obvious choice. This talk will explain
the business rationale of this decision in detail and describe the
technology and architecture of the ensuing product, RabbitMQ. Today,
RabbitMQ is used in solutions across multiple languages and platforms
such as Java, Linux, C# on .net, Python and of course Erlang. For
people who want to benefit what Erlang brings to the table, products
that implement a protocol as their API seem to be delivering value.


  • Matthias Radestock

    Matthias is co-founder and CTO of LShift, and a developer on RabbitMQ, an open-source business messaging implementation featuring an Erlang-based server. Matthias has a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Imperial College and is the author of several papers on distributed system coordination and programming languages. His commercial experience during the past decade includes directorships and senior technical roles in several Internet technology companies.
    Matthias's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on an Erlang based implementation of AMQP.

    Matthias Radestock

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