Multimedia Galore: Sending JPGs and 3GPs and AMRs!

By Erlang Central | Published: March 18, 2013

A very popular feature of the WhatsApp Messenger smartphone application is the ability to send images, videos, and audio notes to the smartphones of friends, family members, and groups. As one of our 2012 server projects, we replaced our original multimedia system with an Erlang-based system.  In this talk we will describe the architecture of the new system, some of the obstacles we encountered, and the scalability, functionality, and operability improvements that were achieved.

Talk objectives: To describe the challenges and opportunities in building a scalable multimedia store-and-forward system using Erlang.
Target audience: People interested in multimedia file serving using Erlang in a global-scale communications system.
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  • Rick Reed

    Software Engineer at WhatsApp

    Rick Reed is a software engineer at WhatsApp, a technology startup founded in the heart of Silicon Valley. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, and Rick's work at WhatsApp focuses on performance and scalability of the company's server systems.

    Prior to joining the WhatsApp team, Rick spent 12 years at Yahoo! working on the company's platform infrastructure. Before Yahoo!, he was at SGI where he worked on interactive TV services and built SGI's disk-based broadcast VTR system. In the early 90's, at Metaphor Computer Systems, Rick developed Metaphor’s Internet services gateway for their distributed decision-support system. Rick launched his software career at Aion Corporation developing the platform for the company's expert system development environment. 

Rick received his BS/MSEE from Stanford.

    Rick Reed

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