Modeling Eventual Consistency Databases with QuickCheck

By Erlang Central | Published: March 21, 2011

Riak is an open source, fault tolerant and eventually consistent distributed database from Basho Technologies. We set out to verify Riak’s behavior during node failure and partitioning using QuickCheck.The talk will cover the different strategies we used to model the system over a week of testing and show where we ended up.

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  • Jon Meredith

    QuickCheck Guru in an NoSQL World
    Basho Technologies

    Jon has been working on data storage and distributed systems for fifteen years. Three years ago he read the Dynamo paper and met Erlang and has never looked back. He happily hacks away on the internals of Riak every day at Basho.

    Twitter: @jon_meredith

    Jon Meredith

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