Lambda Night – Tomasz Kowal “Monitoring distributed systems”

By Erlang Central | Published: June 17, 2014

Lambda Night is an event designed to once again bring together the great people we’ve met during the Lambda Days conference. Erlang Solutions is buying us beer so make sure to stick around after the talks!

Tomasz Kowal “Monitoring distributed systems”

Garrett Smith “Functional Code Considered Beautiful”

You’ve heard the arguments in favor of functional languages: they make parallel computation easier, help you reason about your program, let you do more with fewer lines of code, etc. But what about the code? To many it’s cryptic, arcane, mind boggling — and the syntax, dating back in some cases 40 years, can be downright hideous!

Can the value of using functional languages make up for the pain associated with them?

In this talk, Garrett will make the case that, when done right,
functional programs are stunningly beautiful. And not to
mathematicians and logicians — to normal folk. To the artist, the poet — to the software craftsman that lives in all of us!

He’ll cover these topics:

– API design in a functional language
– Function and variable names
– Proper use of case and if expressions
– Managing complex data structures
– Code refactoring
– Common functional patterns

If you’re new to functional programming, or a seasoned expert, you will see a side of functional programming that is rarely talked about. You’ll learn the fundamentals of functional programming in a novel way — a method that focuses meticulously on clarity, readability, maintainability — in short, the beauty of functional programming.

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