Klarna’s Next Generation Architecture

By Erlang Central | Published: June 13, 2013

Klarna’s first generation system created a very large, profitable, company. A victim of it’s own success, it must be replaced.
This talk will describe Klarna’s second generation system; a soft-realtime, distributed, no-master architecture enabling the best experience in online payments.
Talk objectives: Describe a financial system based on the principle of loosely coupled components. And how to seamlessly migrate into it.
Target audience: People interested in system architecture.
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  • Mats Cronqvist

    Über-Techie, Troubleshooting Guru and Senior Architect

    Mats Cronqvist holds what's possibly the least useful of all academic titles: a Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics. He's spent a good amount of time chasing exotic subatomic particles, but rarely found any interesting ones. Since 1997 he's been paid to chase Erlang bugs instead, and has been able to find quite a few, possibly because they are not hard to come by. He currently works for Klarna, architecting Payments, Next Generation.

    Twitter: @massemanet
    Website: massema.net

    Mats Cronqvist

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