Joacim Halén – WIND: a System for Management and Orchestration of Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds – Erlang User Conference 2015

By Erlang Central | Published: July 31, 2015

WIND: a System for Management and Orchestration of Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds

Slides and more info:

Wind is a management and orchestration system for distributed heterogeneous clouds. The distributed heterogeneous clouds are heterogeneous in two dimensions: the size of a node in the cloud can be anything from a single server to a data center consisting of thousands of servers where each node can use a different hypervisor or cloud OS. Wind addresses the challenges involved in delivering a distributed heterogeneous cloud through a modular design that facilitates (1) operations with any hypervisor or cloud OS, (2) utilization of automated wide area network virtualization to provide access to geographically distributed resources as a single logical pool, and (3) delivery of a wide range of core services to help tenants define how when, and where their applications are deployed, scaled, and moved. Wind consists of some 100K lines of code, roughly 75% of which is written in Erlang.

Talk objectives:

Show how a good system and software architecture coupled with support from Erlang and Erlang based tools help you develop and test a complex system like Wind. I will also present the plug-in system used in Wind and evirt, an Erlang library enabling direct use of libvirt from Erlang applications.

Target audience:

Anyone who wants to get some experience on how a language like Erlang and its tools can help you master complexity when implementing and testing large systems.

Joacim previously taught computer science and functional programming for twelve years at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Since 1997, he has been working at Ericsson Research (ER) as a researcher developing prototypes of future systems. He has been working at the Software Architecture Lab, the Computer Science Lab, and a number of other departments at ER. Currently, Joacim is working with Cloud Technology at ER in San Jose, California. The last five years he has been developing WIND, a Cloud Management and Orchestration System for Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds where about 75% of the ~100K LOC are written in Erlang. Through the years at Ericsson Joacim have developed many prototypes, mainly in Erlang but also in C, C++ and Java.