How to make Erlang/OTP applications truly distributed and fault-tolerant

By Erlang Central | Published: June 22, 2012

In this talk Alex will discuss different patterns that can help make Erlang/OTP applications truly distributed and fault-tolerant based on Riak Core.
This talk will show limitations and disadvantages of using a standard Erlang distributed application and how it can be overcome using Riak Core.
Talk objectives: Show our vision to scalable distributed system on Erlang.
Target audience: People who are interested in distributed computing.


  • Alex Gunin

    researcher at MIPT
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology/Satissoft

    Alex is a researcher at MIPT(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and CIO of Satissoft where he's been responsible for architecture and design of satellite network M&C system.

    One years ago they've started a project on building scalable distributed platform for financial sector and selected Erlang/OTP as core to their platform.

    Alex Gunin

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