Highly distributed VoIP at Aptela – Cool features (and headaches)

By Erlang Central | Published: March 21, 2011

Aptela provides hosted communications services for small business. Our platform includes complex call routing, messaging, web-portals, mobile apps, PSTN/SIP access, and a coffee-grinder attachment. At peak, we handle dozens of calls – and an infinity of HTTP requests – per second

Last year we swapped out our (homegrown) EJB/Postgres based platform with a (also homegrown) highly distributed OTP/CouchDB based one. It wasn’t an easy switch given the peculiarities and pitfalls of designing for a call-processing world.

In this talk, I’ll describe our architecture and process model, with an emphasis on issues we’ve faced re: race-conditions, memory constraints, hot upgrades, all whilst accessing and working with extremely large amounts of data in a near-real-time manner.

Target audience: Anyone writing complex data-heavy distributed applications, and in particular distributed VoIP application developers (if there are any others out there!)

Talk objective: Describing the development and evolution of a complex call-processing environment, and the joys (!) of merging telephony with business applications in a highly distributed world

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  • Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

    Creator the world's first online commerce system
    Aptela, Inc.

    As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Aptela since 2001, Mahesh is responsible for Aptela's technical vision, development and implementation. Drawing upon 20 years of accomplishments in Web based services, he is a recognised thought leader in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry. An Internet pioneer, he developed the technological foundation for the e-commerce revolution by helping to create the world's first online commerce system, and has since been at the forefront of the development of hosted VoIP services.

    Mahesh  previously served as V.P. of Development at Neoglyphics Media, Inc. and CTO of Proxicom, Inc.  He holds a B. Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

    Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

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