Google APIs and Erlang

By Erlang Central | Published: November 5, 2012

Google has been providing webservices and APIs for over a decade, and the latest generation of these services is engineered around discoverability, REST, and JSON. In this talk we’ll look at the architectural decisions that have lead us to this point, and at how to consumer and work with these APIS from Erlang, working with OAuth2 and JSON.
Talk objectives: The aim is to show consuming modern web APIs with Erlang, and to discuss the architectural principles and challenges that have lead us to the current design.
Target audience: People interested in interacting with Google’s services, people developing large scale restful web services.


  • Ian Barber

    Google+ Developer Advocate

    Ian Barber works as a Senior Developer Advocate for Google+ and is based in Google's London office. Ian has been developing, and managing development teams, professionally since 2002, primarily dealing with web technologies after a brief stint in casual games. Among various open source interests, Ian is the author of the PHP Support Vector Machine extension and a maintainer of the brokerless messaging library ZeroMQ. 

    Ian Barber

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