Explore Elixir using board game logic – Torben Hoffmann

By Erlang Central | Published: September 25, 2015

Elixir is a concurrency oriented, functional language that brings new ways of solving problems. Board games are fun and good challenges when exploring a new language, so let’s take a look at how Elixir can be used to implement the logic for a board game and what lessons we can apply in “real-life” problems as well!

On 23 September at 17:00 BST (9:00 PT; 12:00 ET; 18:00 CEST) Torben Hoffmann – Basho Architect, Erlang Priest and Elixir Alchemist will show you how Elixir can be used to implement the logic for the board game classic Acquire.

What you will learn:

A glimpse into Elixir’s way of approaching problems
How to break down board game logic into manageable pieces.
How processes and functional programming work together in a software design
How to translate some of what you learned for “real-life” problem solving

About the speaker:

Torben Hoffman has been working with Erlang since 2006. Currently as an architect for Basho, previously as CTO of Erlang Solutions and before that as technical architect and developer for Motorola and Issuu. By day he is an Erlang priest, by night an Elixir alchemist and a Lego Mindstorms hacker.

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