EUC 2014 – Heinz Gies – Building a Cloud with Erlang and SmartOS – How Hard Could it Possibly Be?

By Erlang Central | Published: July 28, 2014

Project FiFo has been around for two years now and grown from a for fun project to run my hobby server to powering private systems installation in multiple universities and last but not least multiple datacenters for the Lucera public cloud.

Between the start and today FiFo has become a rather complex distributed system and it was not always a smooth ride to get here. This talk will go over the biggest issues and failures and what I have learned from them.

Talk objectives:

Sharing some of the issues throughout FiFo’s history, giving an idea how they were solved and what I learned form it. Also if possible giving everyone a good laugh and my stupidity.
Target audience:

People interested in distributed systems, failure stories, how ‘clouds’ are build and/or SmartOS.