ErlangPro: when packaging is the game-changer

By Erlang Central | Published: March 26, 2012

ErlangPro is a way to facilitate the Erlang development and to extend the capabilities of applications written in Erlang and operated in various target distributed environments. Being the new form of packaging and deployment of Erlang-based software products, it is at the same time a new deployment and maintenance strategy for distributed solutions, which enables single-image solution delivery and single console monitoring, management and control for virtually any-size installations. ErlangPro’s development environment creates an isolation layer between application and operating system, provides easy access to high variety of development tools, automates packaging custom software components with Erlang/OTP and the process of generating of the virtual appliances.

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  • Maxim Kharchenko

    CTO, Barque Groupe d'Energie
    Barque Groupe d'Energie

    Maxim has two decades of technical and business development experience at large IT companies. Maxim founded a series software product and services companies, championed the first commercial research institute in Russia. He holds MS in Applied Mathematics from MIPT and MSE in Technology Management from UPenn. Maxim is an avid Erlang enthusiast.

    Maxim Kharchenko

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