Erlang/OTP Vs Google App Engine, The CEO View

By Erlang Central | Published: June 23, 2008

Gordon Guthrie will look at the business decisions about using the
Erlang/OTP A/S or the Google Application Engine A/S by placing them in
a historical business context and looking at the evolution of the IT
industry from a cost, business model and structural perspective.

This session is aimed at entrepreneurs thinking about building a business on Erlang/OTP.


  • Gordon Guthrie

    Gordon Guthrie is the CEO/CTO of hypernumbers an early stage start-up. He has previously worked at senior positions in retail financial services, having been Chief Technical Architect at Intelligent Finance during its launch when it secured 10.4% of the UK retail mortgage market and IT Strategist at Direct Line Financial Services. He has also had senior positions in professional services, including BT Global Professional Services.

    Gordon's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on Hypernumbers and Erlang.

    Gordon Guthrie

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