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By Erlang Central | Published: May 28, 2012

Exploring the joys of reverse engineering a modern super-optimized Erlang virtual machine like BEAM, this talk will give an insight into what it takes to get an Erlang system up and running in your browser.
The talk is based on experiences from the browserl project, an open source hobby project available on github.
Talk objectives: Is it even possible to run an Erlang/OTP system in a browser? What are the main obstacles? What sort of performance can be expected? How much code does it take? Can I write my own Erlang emulator in $language? What is the status of the current development? Future plans?
Target audience: This talk targets attendants with an interest in running Erlang in e.g. a web browser. If you want to write an Erlang emulator on your own, or if you are interested in the internals of a lightweight Erlang emulator this talk is also for you.
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  • Fredrik Svahn

    Manager of prototyping team at Ericsson
    Ericsson AB

    Fredrik Svahn joined Ericsson in 1996 and has been working with several Erlang based telecom grade products for more than ten years. 

    In his professional career he has also occasionally been given the opportunity to lead prototyping teams proposing and introducing radical changes to already existing products.

    Fredrik is a co-author of two Erlang Enhancement Proposals which were introduced in OTP R14.

    Fredrik Svahn

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