Erlang-Based Sensor Network Management for Heterogenous Devices

By Erlang Central | Published: June 22, 2012

This talk  will discuss the implementation of Erlang-based system for management of complex sensors network. Michal will show how to use Erlang to create scalable, flexible, fault tolerant systems which can integrate data from different types of mobile devices.
Talk objectives:
* show current sensor network solutions
* devices running Erlang
* advantages of using Erlang on embedded devices
Target audience: People interested in using Erlang on embedded devices.
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  • Michał Nieć

    software developer/ linux enthusiast/ petrolhead
    Erlang Solutions

    Student at AGH University of Science and Technology and employee of Erlang Solutions in Krakow. Interested in functional programming, system programming and cars.

    Michał Nieć

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