Erlang and Deep Learning by Garrett Smith

By Erlang Central | Published: September 22, 2016

Sides and more info:

The day of the machine is upon us! Whether it’s self driving cars, automated drones, or Go playing robots, artificial intelligence is actually starting to work! One of the major driving forces in AI is Deep Learning – a branch of machine learning that uses neural networks, data, and lots of compute power to train models for use in a variety of applications including image recognition, speech translation, object detection – evening playing video games!

At the very least Deep Learning a very important buzzword if you’re a programmer or data scientist.

In this short presentation, Garrett will introduce Deep Learning, some of its applications, and dive into how Erlang can be used to great effect in this field. This will include performance issues related to Deep Learning, distributed training, and production inference (i.e. using trained models in an application).

If you’re curious about Deep Learning or how Erlang plays in this important field (dawn of the machines) don’t miss this talk!