ejabberd for web 2.0 development

By Erlang Central | Published: June 23, 2008

Based on real life examples, this talk will present several use cases
of ejabberd in the context of highly scalable web application. The talk
will first focus on the features that make ejabberd a dream tool for
the development of highly interactive web applications. Mickaël will
then talk about two major Real World User Cases:

  • Building highly interactive web sites for sport events to increase the community loyalty (Major League of Baseball) and
  • high-performance microblogging platform (Twitter)


  • Mickaël Rémond

    Mickaël Rémond is the founder of ProcessOne, a leading worldwide company in Instant Messaging and benchmarking. Erlang is at the heart of all ProcessOne solutions. Mickaël Rémond has been involved in Erlang since 1998. He has introduced Erlang use into several companies and have been developing major Erlang software for ten years. He is a core developer and architect of ejabberd and Tsung. Mickaël Rémond has been awarded the Erlang User of the Year trophy in 2004 and is the author of the French Erlang book published by Eyrolles.
    Mickaël will give a talk on ejabberd and will present a tutorial on Tsung

    Mickaël Rémond

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