Distel – 10 Years of (e)maxing out Erlang

By Erlang Central | Published: May 28, 2012

Emacs has traditionally been the editor with the best Erlang support. Distel, created by Luke Gorrie et al in 2002, provides an implementation of the Erlang distribution protocol in emacs lisp.  Enabling communication between an Erlang emulator and emacs enables all kinds of cool tricks.
Since this is the 10-year anniversary of Distel, I (the current maintainer) thought it fitting to present the current state of Distel. Which, in my unbiased opinion, is still the state of the art of Erlang editing.
Talk objectives: Get all those misguided vi-users to switch editor.
Target audience: Anyone who wants to edit Erlang code, and is not afraid of the awesome power of emacs.
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  • Mats Cronqvist

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    Mats Cronqvist

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