Device Management in a Connected Society

By Erlang Central | Published: May 28, 2012

As we move toward the Internet of Things, Over-The-Air (OTA) device management becomes increasingly critical. The battle against the difficulties of remote authentication, configuration, monitoring and upgrades has been raging for over a decade of Man-to-Machine (M2M) technology development. In this talk, we will introduce you to the challenges with some history, anecdotes and stats, and suggest a path forward in part based on some of Erlang’s cooler features.

Talk objectives: Teach some Device management concepts and history.
Target audience: Interested people.
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  • Tony Rogvall

    Founder and Chief Hacker
    Feuerlabs Inc

    Tony Rogvall - Programmer and entrepreneur has been active for more than thirty years in the computer business. With an education (M. Sc) in mathematics and computer science Tony's first work was, as the first employee, at Prover Technology ( to develop a ground breaking formal verification and proof system for safety critical systems in nuclear- train-, automotive- and the aviation industries.

    In 1993 he joined Ericsson CSLab, computer science laboratory, as a co-worker and a co-designer of the computer programming language Erlang. Major contributions include work in the SMP area, around 1996, to allow the Erlang runtime system to execute truly parallel.

    Around the millennium shift, a group from CSLab formed the company Bluetail AB, a company that developed Internet related products mainly developed in Erlang, to make Internet a more robust place. Bluetail AB was sold to Alteon web systems which in turn was bought by Nortel networks a few weeks later. At Alteon/Nortel Tony developed SSL accelerators and SSL VPN products.

    A couple of years later Tony was a free man and started Synapse Mobile Networks ( together with Per Bergqvist and Lars Lindgren. The main business is to develop and device management systems that configure and update mobile handsets with settings for internet/mms/email access. As of today the company servers has configured around 1 Billion handsets around the world.

    In recent years Tony has been developing products in various projects and companies: Power distribution for 12/24 v systems (, fan/vault control systems.  CAN bus related systems, CANopen stack in Erlang, low level programming for LPC2129. In other words, back to where it all started, with fun and games.

    Tony Rogvall