CRDTs: An Update (or maybe just a PUT) (Sam Elliott) – RICON West 2013

By Erlang Central | Published: May 7, 2014

Until now, Riak has not known or cared about what values that users have been storing inside it. While this allows the store to be used for almost anything, it also leaves our users with the task of designing their own data structures, serialization and, in lots of cases, sibling merge functions.

For the last year a small engineering group inside Basho has been working on a set of built-in Data Types, in a bid to make Riak easier to use.

This talk will cover the group’s progress on CRDTs since last year, including our current work, and will show developers how to use them in their own applications.

About Sam

Sam is an Computer Science Student at the University of St Andrews and Basho’s first Engineering Intern. He’s interested in Distributed Systems, Concurrency and Parallelism.