CouchDB and GeoCouch

By Erlang Central | Published: January 31, 2011

CouchDB is a document-oriented database with an RESTful HTTP API. Its appliance ranges from huge data sets shared across multiple servers to embedded systems. The built-in multi-master replication makes CouchDB a unique solution for offline synchronisation for mobile devices. GeoCouch is an R-tree implementation that enables CouchDB to do geospatial queries. This talk gives an overview of CouchDB and an introduction into the geospatial world with GeoCouch.

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  • Volker Mische

    GeoCouch Creator

    Volker Mische is the creator of GeoCouch a geospatial extension for CouchDB. He got his experience in the geospatial world from his degree (diploma) in computer science with a minor in geography (University of Augsburg, Germany). He deepened his knowledge in an one year intership at LISAsoft pty, Australia in 2008. As a proponent of open source, he has contributed to various projects, such as CouchDB, MapQuery (project lead), OpenLayers, TileCache, GeoNetwork, Rockbox, WYMeditor and jQuery UI. The skill set ranges from front end development with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML to low level data structures for creating a geospatial indexer for CouchDB in Erlang. Volker is currently working as a software engineer at CouchOne.

    Volker Mische

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