Concurrency + Distribution = Scalability + Availability, a Journey architecting Erlang Systems – Francesco Cesarini

By Erlang Central | Published: November 16, 2015

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Erlang/OTP has for years been described as your secret sauce to writing scalable and available systems. Erlang alone, however, will not do any magic. It is merely an enabler that, thanks to its semantics, programming model and predictable virtual machine makes the end results easier to achieve. In this talk, Francesco will walk through the topology patterns of modern distributed Erlang architectures, discussing the tradeoffs in scalability and reliability the actor model, the failure model and the built-in distribution model encourage you to take.

About Francesco

Francesco is the founder of Erlang Solutions Ltd. He has used Erlang on a daily basis since 1995, starting as an intern at Ericsson’s computer science laboratory, the birthplace of Erlang. He moved on to Ericsson’s Erlang training and consulting arm, working on the first release of the OTP middleware, which he applied to turnkey solutions and flagship telecom applications. In 1999, soon after Erlang was released as open source, he founded Erlang Solutions. With offices in three countries, they have become the world leaders in Erlang-based support, consulting, training, certification, systems development, and conferences. Francesco has worked in major Erlang-based projects both within and outside Ericsson; and as technical director at Erlang Solutions has led the development and consulting teams. He is the co-author ofErlang Programming, recently published by O’Reilly. He lectures at Oxford University and the IT University of Gothenburg.