CodeMesh 2014 – Steve Vinoski – Tackling Dirty Jobs with Erlang’s Schedulers

By Erlang Central | Published: November 28, 2014

Tackling Dirty Jobs with Erlang’s Schedulers

A key feature of the Erlang virtual machine (VM) is its sophisticated and scalable schedulers, which are responsible for ensuring application processes and tasks take advantage of all system cores. In this talk, Steve will explain some of the inner workings of Erlang’s schedulers, focusing on how large-scale applications such as the Riak database augment the VM with native C/C++ code for performance and for application integration. Steve will also present some brand new Erlang features that help “dirty” code cooperate seamlessly with Erlang’s schedulers.

Talk objectives:

– To explain some inner workings and new features of the Erlang VM, and show how native C/C++ code can be used to safely enhance Erlang applications.

Target audience:

– Anyone interested in high-performance Erlang applications, the latest Erlang features, or VM details.

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