CodeMesh 2014 – John Hughes – QuickCheck Evolution

By Erlang Central | Published: November 25, 2014

QuickCheck Evolution

QuickCheck, our random testing tool, has a long track record of nailing serious and hard-to-find bugs and boosting quality, in software like dets (part of mnesia), Riak, and the embedded software in cars. QuickCheck is usually used manually and interactively: the developer invokes QuickCheck, finds a bug, and fixes it–rinse and repeat. But how should QuickCheck be deployed in the longer term? How should it be used for regression testing, continuous integration, etc? Can we derive further power from the QuickCheck approach to help software evolve? In this talk I will present new ideas in this direction under development at Quviq.
Talk objectives:

To show some of the cool things possible with property-based testing in the longer term.
Target audience:

Anyone interested in test automation.

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