Chicago Erlang Conference 2014 – Writing Quality Code in Erlang – Garrett Smith

By Erlang Central | Published: October 15, 2014

We all know that one of Erlang’s greatest weaknesses is its syntax. It doesn’t resemble Ruby at all! In this talk Garrett will show how Erlang can be used to write high quality, beautiful code. That is, code that’s readable, maintainable and that obviously reflects the intent of its author.

One of the most common questions on Stack Exchange is “Why does Erlang syntax resemble Prolog with asphyxia?”

In this talk, Garrett will obliterate the notion that Erlang syntax is weird or that you can’t use it to write beautiful code. The plain truth is that it’s easier to write beautiful code in Erlang than it is in most other languages.

Garrett will describe methods for writing luscious, gorgeous, easy-to-read and maintain Erlang programs. He will cover topics such as:

  • API design
  • Function and variable names
  • Proper use of case and if expressions
  • Managing complex data structures
  • Code refactoring
  • Common functional patterns

Garrett will draw from the coding styles of the Erlang masters as well as his own experience an Erlang programmer and instructor. He will argue will a zeal bordering on religious fervor, chiding those with different views