Chicago Erlang Conference 2014 – Maximizing Throughput on Multicore Systems – Irina Guberman

By Erlang Central | Published: October 20, 2014

How many cores does your laptop have? The correct answer: *more than one*. Imagine modern servers, with dozens, or even hundreds of cores! How do you take full advantage of this new era of hardware enabled concurrency? Irina will show you how.

ina will take you on a deep dive into the problem of load distribution and job scheduling on multicore systems. She will present her use of the Erlang library jobs — a scheduler for load regulation of Erlang applications.

About Irina

Irina is a software engineer at Ubiquiti Networks. She has fun solving hard problems with Erlang. She’s an avid artist, taking day-to-day objects and turning them into sureal fantasyscape awesomeness.