Chicago Erlang Conference 2014 – Keeping a System Running Forever – Fred Hebert

By Erlang Central | Published: October 17, 2014

Systems that fail cost a lot of money. We want systems that stay running and do the work they were design to do. How do you build systems that keep going? Forever? In this talk Fred will share his extensive experience with keeping systems alive, running, and fighting the good fight.


Things we developers build (collectively) are terrible, always failing. Erlang systems, while embracing this reality and trying to do something about it, are still going to be bad most of the time.

This talk will be an overview of various tips, tricks, design ideas and investigative techniques to help ensure your Erlang system is the least bad possible. Topics will include a discussion about the semantics of your processes’ initialization, the handling of overload scenarios, and techniques for debugging production systems.

About Fred

Fred Hebert is the author of Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!, a free online (also paid for, on paper) book designed to teach Erlang. He’s worked on writing and teaching training course material for Erlang Solutions Ltd, and on Real Time Bidding software for AdGear. He has since then moved to Heroku’s routing team, writing and maintaining large scale distributed systems in the cloud.