Building Reliable Distributed Heterogenous Services with Katamari/Fuzed

By Erlang Central | Published: April 27, 2009

Erlang is a powerful language for distributed computation, but most
modern production software is written in a variety of languages that
are not as suited to reliable, distributed programing. At Powerset, we
developed a platform for reliable distributed computing that leveraged
the Erlang Ports infrastrcutre to make the robustness and flexibility
of Erlang-based networked infrastructure to a variety of language
runtimes, without onerous cross-porting work. From that base, we
extended our system to support heterogenous networks of services which
can be added or removed in real time without interrupting existing
services, using a simple model akin to an erlang event loop to talk
with external code.

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  • Abhay Kumar

    Fuzed and Erlectricity committer
    Powerset R&D, Microsoft Corporation

    Abhay Kumar is a data junkie and software dude working in San Francisco. He started experimenting with Erlang in 2007 and is currently working at Powerset, where he has worked on the Katamari/Fuzed project and contributed to Erlang-related open source projects like erlectricity. He also has written extensions for the Mochiweb web server that have been integrated into other projects and written a custom attacking agent in Erlang that leverages Amazon EC2 for load testing services by generating DDoS attack-like loads.

    Abhay Kumar
  • Dave Fayram

    Fuzed project creator and committer
    Microsoft Corporation

    Dave Fayram is a modern Silicon Valley veteran working in San Francisco. He first started working with Erlang in 2007 to create the Fuzed project and appreciated the experience so much he brought Erlang to Powerset for the Katamari Project. He has contributed to open source software that helps integrate other languages with Erlang. When not working on Katamari and Fuzed, he experiments with Erlang-inspired designs in other functional and OO languages.

    Dave Fayram

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