Building Erlang Applications with Rebar

By Erlang Central | Published: March 21, 2011

Rebar is an Open Source project that provides a set of standardized build tools for OTP applications and releases. This talk will explore how to use Rebar in a typical development environment for everything from simple Erlang code to port drivers and embedded Erlang servers.

Talk Objectives: Introduce the major features and functionality that rebar provides to Erlang developers. Examine the architecture of rebar and discuss how it can be extended.

Target Audience: Any Erlang developer interested in using or extending rebar for their build system.

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  • Dave Smith

    YAED. Author of rebar and bitcask
    Basho Technologies

    Dizzy has been writing software for the past 15 years and has been lucky enough to work in Erlang for the past 5. He has a broad range of experience in several fields including real-time messaging systems, identity federation and authentication and low-latency peer-to-peer datastores. He's been an active contributor to several Open Source projects, including Jabber and Basho's Riak server. He started the Rebar project in 2009.

    Rebar project

    Dave Smith

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