Building a Scalable E-commerce Framework

By Erlang Central | Published: June 7, 2010

Each year the University of Uppsala gives a project course for computer science students. The project specification is given by an industrial partner, in our case the company was Klarna.

During the period of four months we were to develope a scalable e-commerce framework using Linux, Erlang, Nitrogen and Riak. (The LENR “leaner” stack.) We were a group of  9 students with no experience in project management and no prior knowledge about Erlang.

We will talk about our experiences with Erlang and how they compare to those of other languages,  why making an e-commerce framework in Erlang is a good idea, and how you can get scalability almost for free. We will also talk a little bit about our experiences with Nitrogen and Riak.

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  • Daniel Widgren

    Erlang hacker at Klarna
    Klarna AB

    Daniel is a computer science student at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Currently he is writing his master thesis at Klarna. Daniel started his journey with Erlang during the project course at the University of Uppsala. There he and 8 other students were going to develop a scalable e-commerce framework.

    At the university Daniel have touched many programming languages such as C, Java, sml, Python and Fortran. But Erlang is the programming language that he likes the best and wants to learn more about it.

    Daniel Widgren
  • Michael Nordström

    Erlang hacker at Klarna
    Klarna AB

    Erlang, it's this obscure functional language Ericsson used in their telephone switches... That was the extent of Michaels knowledge about Erlang at the end of Summer break 2009. Since then Erlang have become his favourite programming language by far.

    Michael is a computer science student at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. During the fall semester of 2009 he participated in developing a scalable e-commerce framework in Erlang, dubbed Cookie Cart.

    Currently Michael is writing his master thesis about the Android platform at Klarna AB. Cringing with every line of Java he writes, he looks forward to the day when Erlang officially reaches the mobile platforms.

    Michael Nordström

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