A New Experience of Building Wireless Embedded Systems For Everyone by Peer Stritzinger

By Erlang Central | Published: September 27, 2016

Slides and more info: http://www.erlang-factory.com/euc2016/peer-stritzinger

Create amazing Internet of Things designs without soldering or dropping down to C. Right out of the box Grisp-Base boots into Erlang VM running on real bare metal. It features on-board wireless networking 802.11b/g/n WLAN and connectors for standard PMOD sensor and actuator modules.

You can even enter a raffle and win some of the first boards!

Available CPU boards are either too large (can run Linux easily) or too small (Arduino size) to make much sense running an Erlang VM close to the hardware. We are developing a CPU board just in the right size to implement interesting applications in Erlang close to the hardware. This will be the ideal platform for experiments with Erlang Embedded Wireless application. Ideal for educational projects, and students. But also as a prototyping platform for serious  embedded development. The talk will demo the first samples of the board and explain the architecture and the current status of the Erlang/RTEMS = Grisp port.

Talk objectives:

Give a starting point for Erlang Embedded developers in spe.

Target audience:

Makers, Students, Teachers, Robotics enthusiasts (build a swarm of robots with Erlang distribution!) Erlang developers interested in Embedded,

Embedded developers interested in Erlang.