A continuous build system for Erlang

By Erlang Central | Published: November 12, 2009

Eric will talk about how to use a new continuous build system for Erlang. He will also provide an intro into working with the continuous build system to automatically detect changes in source, build, test and publish OTP applications and releases. This will allow you to start getting the benefits of easy and straightforward continuous build in your Erlang projects.


  • Eric Merritt

    Erlang author and Erlware Committer

    Eric Merritt is a Software Engineer who specializes in concurrent languages and distributed systems. For the last eight years he has been coding Erlang and has also been heavily involved in the Erlang community. Currently, Eric is a core developer for the Erlware family of open source products and is the primary developer for the Sinan build system.

    Eric has been involved in both professional and Open Source development for the last ten years. He started his career developing applications in C and Java on IBM Mainframe and Midrange hardware. He also provided training and consulting in object-oriented principles and concepts. However, his interest in languages, concurrency and distributed systems quickly drove him to more interesting and challenging work at companies like Amazon.com. 

    Eric Merritt

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