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Replacing JSON when talking to Erlang


JSON is awesome, supported pretty much everywhere, easy to read without any extra tools (I'm looking at you BSON and Protocol Buffers) and way better than XML. However, parsing JSON costs ...

Beam Olympics – our new game to test your Beam Skills


Just like last year, Franco Bulgarelli and his team invited us to share a class with their students at UTN-FRBA, where they teach Distributed Programming. And exactly like last year, ...

Thoughts on rebar3 – migrating erlang.mk into rebar3


Recently we were tasked with moving a project from erlang.mk to rebar3 as it's quickly becoming the default way of managing OTP applications. The process was not particularly complicated; but ...

7 Heuristics for Development


So, we recently had a Tech Day at our offices, but one of the talks could not be recorded. In that talk, Hernán presented 7 Heuristics for Object Oriented Design. ...

Introducing Dayron – The Elixir REST client you ever wanted


If you ever started a Phoenix Application and/or played a bit with Ecto, you should've realized how powerful the library is. With Ecto you can define Repos to access the ...