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  • Deep Dish – Chicago-Style Functional Testing
    2013-06-13 Erlang Central

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    Unit testing is easy, especially in a functional language like Erlang that minimizes side effects. But what about applications where you *want* side effects --  such as delivering information or writing data to disk -- and need to test multi-step workflows effectively? Test code quickly becomes littered with set-up code, teardown routines, and mock objects, and as the application complexity grows, the test suite runs slower, and slower, and slowwwwwer, and… In this talk, I will introduce a ...

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  • Chicago Boss: A Web Framework Built for Comfort (and Speed)
    2013-03-18 Erlang Central


    We all know that Erlang is great for building complicated distributed systems, but did you know that building a website in Erlang is as easy as using Ruby on Rails? In this talk I'll introduce you to Chicago Boss, the web framework that takes care of all the hard parts of Erlang/OTP for you, letting the developer focus on building a great website. I'll explain why Erlang is an excellent choice for delivering web content, give a high-level overview of the Chicago Boss architecture, and explicate ...

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