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  • Automated testing with Erlang (“these go to eleven”)
    2012-11-05 Erlang Central


    Erlang is designed for building massively scalable and highly available soft real-time systems. Unsurprisingly , Erlang provides us with powerful libraries for automated testing of these type of systems. In this talk, we take a look at three of the popular automated testing libraries for Erlang, discuss their individual strengths and weaknesses and illustrate the importance of continuous integration by deploying sample automated tests to Travis-CI, a free continuous integration service for the ...

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  • Deconstructing Travis
    2012-09-29 Erlang Central


    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you might know of Travis CI, the continuous integration service for the open source community. Travis CI has run 757,465 tests for 10,844 open-source projects to date, including Basho's Riak, and Mochiweb.  Apart from looking at how Travis works now and in the near future, we will also look at how it got there, and how we broke Travis up into smaller more manageable, more concise encapsulated services.Talk objectives: Introducing Tr ...

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