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  • Let’s Write A Test!
    2013-06-13 Erlang Central

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    Come with me as we walk through implementing a new feature of Riak with riak_test. We'll go through adding a feature to Riak with Test Driven Development, going into as much detail as time will allow. We won't be delving into the internals of riak_test, but rather how we use it to test Riak. Talk objectives: Attendees of this talk should leave with an understanding of how to add a feature to Riak using Test Driven Development and riak_test and how those techniques and tools might be applic ...

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  • The Tao of TDD
    2010-06-07 Erlang Central


    Test-driven development (TDD) is more than "having tests". It is a Way. A way to design, a way to code and a way to keep code clean. It is even a way to communicate with other developers. The tests are just the icing on the cake. After describing the TDD development cycle as practiced by Extreme Programmers, Dominic will show how Erlang and TDD are ideally suited to each other, more so than with most OO languages. In particular, the lack of side effects, pattern matching and of course Er ...

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