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  • JIT, A Maze of Twisty Little Traces
    2013-06-13 Erlang Central

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    You are in a maze of twisty little traces, all alike. Last year at EUC I gave an in-depth tour of how automated source-to-source transformations were used to generate a proof-of-concept JIT compiler from the VM sources. Since then work has progressed to turn the proof-of-concept into a prototype. Turning a proof-of-concept into a prototype is a process with many degrees of freedom, not unlike an old-school adventure game where you start out with minimal knowledge of your surroundings and ...

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  • Just-in-time in No Time? “Use the Source!”
    2012-05-28 Erlang Central


    Every cool VM-based language today seems to have a just-in-time (JIT) compiler. With the availability of a powerful compiler infrastructure in the form of LLVM, Erlang is close to get a just-in-time compiler of its own. Using LLVM together with its C-frontend, Clang, and automated source-to-source transformations it is possible to generate a JIT-capable Erlang VM which automatically stays in sync with the basic VM. This talk will provide a brief overview of different just-in-time compilation ...

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