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  • EUC 2014 – Martin Kjellin, Roberto Aloi – Profiling and Debugging Erlang Systems
    2014-06-23 Erlang Central


    Profiling and debugging complex Erlang systems can be a challenging and time-consuming task, even for an experienced Erlang developer. In this talk we share our experiences, by covering: * The right mindset and what to look for * An overview of available tools and some considerations from using them * Useful Erlang system information and metrics to consider * War stories (including a widely used piece of Erlang software) * Common pitfalls and caveats   Talk objectives: - S ...

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  • Erlang e-learning: automatic assessment of Erlang code
    2011-10-31 Erlang Central


    The recent growth of the Erlang language and community convinced Erlang Solutions to scale its training offering by developing an Erlang e-learning platform. This has been done in collaboration with the University of Kent though a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, a UK government funded project.The key challenge was to develop a system that delivered at a distance the same high-quality interactive experience that is delivered face-to-face. In this talk we present an innovative, modular tool, which ...

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