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  • Props: A DSL for Dealing with JSON-like Structures in Erlang
    2012-03-26 Erlang Central


    Dealing with JSON in Erlang is not nearly as seamless as in JavaScript. Using existing tooling from the Erlang ecosystem, I've created a new and, most importantly, easy to use data structure for working with JSON-like property structures. Learn how to use props for your own projects, and also you can leverage tools like Neotoma to make your own DSLs. Talk objectives: Introduce Props library and present how it was made and how others can make their own DSLs in Erlang. Target audience: Erlan ...

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  • Achieving Parsing Sanity with Neotoma
    2010-03-22 Erlang Central


    Most developers will be familiar with lex, flex, yacc, bison, ANTLR, and other related tools to generate parsers for use inside their own code. Erlang has its own pair, leex and yecc, for accomplishing most complicated text-processing tasks. For computer-friendly languages, however, context-free grammars and their parser-generators leave a few things to be desired. This talk is about how the seemingly simple prospect of parsing some text turned into a new parser toolkit for Erlang called Neotoma ...

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