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  • JIT, A Maze of Twisty Little Traces
    2013-06-13 Erlang Central

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    You are in a maze of twisty little traces, all alike. Last year at EUC I gave an in-depth tour of how automated source-to-source transformations were used to generate a proof-of-concept JIT compiler from the VM sources. Since then work has progressed to turn the proof-of-concept into a prototype. Turning a proof-of-concept into a prototype is a process with many degrees of freedom, not unlike an old-school adventure game where you start out with minimal knowledge of your surroundings and ...

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  • ErLLVM
    2012-05-28 Erlang Central


    This talk will describe the architecture, design decisions, and the current implementation and performance of ErLLVM. ErLLVM is an extension of the HiPE native code compiler of Erlang/OTP that uses the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) compiler infrastructure as a back-end. As such, it benefits from the set of existing components and low-level optimizations that LLVM provides. More importantly, it is in principle readily available on all platforms that LLVM supports. ErLLVM is a full system cu ...

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  • Lessons learned – how we use Erlang to analyze millions of messages per day
    2011-09-25 Erlang Central


    At Semiocast, a start-up founded in 2009, we use Erlang since day one to fetch and process millions of tweets and social media conversations. In this talk, we will present lessons we have learned in terms of code deployment, architectural design, Erlang technologies used and integration with native code. In particular, we will cover how we use OTP and code change, the various kinds of drivers (NIF, Linked-In, External, C-node), our usage of HiPE and dialyzer, and a few things we wish we k ...

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